Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chanda Mama

Chanda Chanda Mama
Aaj Mere Ghar aana
Aur Sare Sitaro Ko Bhi
Apne Sang le aana
Chanda Mama,

Tum Bade Aaachhhe ho
Mujhse se Ma kahti Hai
Chandni Mami Bhi kya
Bani Rahti Hai
Chanda Mama

Chanda mama gol matol,
Kuch to bol, kuch to bol.
Kal tai aadhey, aaj ho gol,
khol bhi do ab apni pol
Raat hote he tum aa jate,
Sang-sath sitare late.
Lekin din mai kahan chip jate,
Kuch to bol, kuch to bol.
Chand Mama aao na,
Dhood-batasa khao na,
Meethi lori gao na,
Bistar mein so jao na.



  1. I search at all place and google for this song as its my childhood favorite song... Finally got its Lyrics... can you tell where can i get its mp3 or listen this song...??

  2. i do not have much idea where you will get mp3.
    I listen poems from children and put in blogs ..

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BXVJA7EG7Q

  4. Hey guys I have the .mp3 of it.
    I even have the old Reel cassette...............